How To Nurture Customer Relationship Using Social Media?

Customer relationship has become the top priority for all brands and businesses. To make your brand successful and stand out from the crowd, you will need to strengthen your relationship with the customers. Many brands who are successful in the field are due to their relationships with the customers. In earlier days, people used to visit a showroom to purchase any product or service. But these days, there is a change in the entire scenario. Many people now are purchasing their everyday products online. This scenario made it more challenging for a business to build its customer relationship. Nowadays, brands and companies do not get more chances to do face-to-face interaction with their customers. Hence, it would be best if you built your loyalty and trust with the audience.

How To Nurture Customer Relationship Using Social Media?

Now, you may have a question about how businesses are building their relationship with the customers? Well, in the current digital world, people all over the globe are hanging around social media. So, if you are trying to strengthen your relationship with the customers, social media is the right landscape. Customers feel that social media is more seamless, self-serving, and offers a better user experience. Hence, businesses must find a unique way to connect with their customers through the virtual space. Boostability is a firm that helps brands to spot out the ways to connect with the customers.

If you aren’t active on social media, you miss out on an effective way to connect with your customers. Do you want to build an online presence and engage with your customers? This article has highlighted some beneficial tactics that businesses can use to nurture their customer relationships on social media.

Let’s get started with some statistics that prove how social media is useful for brands to build their customer relationships.

Brans are trying to unlock social media’s powers to reach and connect with the right target audience. Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok aren’t just to endorse the brand’s products and services. It is a great tool to communicate and connect with your audience.

According to a study, some of the statistics depict how social media is beneficial to grow your relationship with customers.

  • 91% of people utilize social media as a powerful tool to connect with their communities.
  • 76% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product from a brand that effectively connects with them on social media rather than a competitor.
  • More than 78% of prospective consumers are looking for brands that connect with them on social media.

As a brand, it’s the right time to use social media to connect with your valuable customers. Strengthening customer relationships on social media helps businesses and brands to enhance their visibility and reach which can be easily achieved by hiring the renowned digital marketing service Boostability. If consumers felt a connection with brands on social media, more than half of the users increased their time spending on that brand.

Now, let’s check out some of the tactics to grow your customer relationships on social media.

Respond Quickly

If you do not have a quick response time on social media, you will lose your customers. Nowadays, people expect an immediate response to their queries; when they don’t get it, they turn into a non-satisfied customer. Some people may also share their experiences with the brand on social media. In case if you aren’t quick in your responses, they may share a bad review. It creates a negative impact on your brand among the customers. According to a study, 32% of customers look for responses within 30 minutes, while 42% expect it within an hour. It shows how fast you need to be to grow your relationship with the customers on social media. In another study, 57% of customers expect responses at night and also during weekends. Hence, to build an effective customer relationship on social media, you will need to enhance your response speed.

Personalize Conversations

Though quick responses are essential to build a relationship with your customer, you also need to personalize your messages. Leveraging chatbots is an excellent idea to quicker your answers, but the same automated messages don’t create connectivity with the audience. Though you use bots, it creates a bond between the users if you follow up using human correspondence. Create an engageable bond with your customers on social media through personalized communication. It is because people expect the brand to build a comfortable connection with them.

Here are some of the ways to build a personalized connection with the customers:

  • While communicating with your customers, please make use of their first name when possible. Ensure if it’s present in their profile.
  • Try to build a friendly conversation. It shows that you are there for them.

After you respond to your customers, ensure that you are always supportive. No matter they have purchased or are going to purchase your product. It is always essential to build a friendly relationship with your audience to grow your business on social media.

Show Your Humanized Side

Social media is a platform where you can showcase your creative and humanized side. People are more likely to connect with the brand that shows their friendly side. Try to give a personal touch to your audience and keep your profile more entertaining to the audience. In doing so, you strengthen your bond between the customers.

Here are some of the ways to humanize your brand:

  • Tell the brand story to the audience.
  • Upload pictures of your employees to create a personal bond with the audience.
  • Share exclusive or behind-the-scenes content with the audience.
  • You can take part in the present trends relevant to your field.
  • Try to answer customer queries creatively.

Add Value To The Customers

If you want to build a loyal relationship with your consumers, you will have to add value to their opinion. You can make use of the feedback that was given by your customers. Try to leverage customer reviews and feedbacks to add value to your customer and build a stronger relationship with the audience. One of the easiest ways to bring value to the audience is user-generated content. It builds a good opinion among your target audience and builds a loyal customer base. Try to ask your customers for ideas to create video content. It helps you analyze your audience’s insights, and you will also get to know what they want from your brand. Thus, leveraging user-generated content will help you build a stronger relationship with the audience.

Reward Your Prospects

Showcasing your brand products and messaging doesn’t help you to enhance your relationship with the audience. When a customer chooses your brand, they are using it over the other competitors. So, it is worth appreciating them. They deserve love and appreciation from your brand. One of the best ways to reward your customers is to run giveaways and contests. You can run a campaign that is interactive with the audience. Through contests, you can gift the luckiest person with any of your brand products. It helps in amplifying your connection with the audience.

Final Thoughts

Social media is the perfect landscape to build your connection with the audience. It helps you in creating an intimate relationship with your customers. According to a study, 79% of consumers say that they look for a brand that understands and cares about them So, to skyrocket success, you will need to have a deeper understanding of your customers.

We hope you got to know some effective tactics to nurture your relationship with customers through social media. If you have more thoughts, it would be great if you share them in the comment section.

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