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Keyword Research And Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
  • Keyword research is one of the most integral parts of SEO and we understand that perfectly. How well you research on niche keywords is directly proportional to how fleshed out your SEO campaign is going to be. Ranking for the right keywords makes is the difference between getting over 70% of all clicks to related searches or being relegated to the 2nd page of search engine results.
  • Our keyword research process
  • Identify and map out “money” keywords that are important to your niche that are used by potential customers.
  • Additional research allotted to figuring out contextual keywords including location specific search keywords.
  • List out and build a database of major keywords to be used in different types of campaigns – PPC or natural SEO pipelines.
  • BOOSTABILITY gives you detailed reports of all the keywords that are used in your niche, most searched phrases and untargeted keywords on all major search engines for a comprehensive perspective of your situation.
Competitor Analysis
  1. There are a lot of reasons why your SEO campaign isn’t going the way it is supposed to be. An important part of SEO is the ability to understand what your competitor in the niche is doing and to do it better. BOOSTABILITY makes sure that we analyze what your competitors are doing exactly while finding places where processes can be improved.
  2. This is what we do with competitors
  3. Analyze and highlight keywords
  4. To find out how your competitors are doing well, the first step would be to run a detailed analysis of how they are able to rank for money keywords. The next step would be to iterate on it and highlight the keywords they’ve missed and then work on it.

Finding Out Opportunities

Post competitor analysis, we’ll also be able to find the link opportunities that your competitors have missed out. BOOSTABILITY can make sure that we don’t skip a beat when it comes to getting the right opportunities for your brand to rank well.

Figuring Out Competitor Site Optimization

Reverse engineering your competitors’ website optimization can uncover a lot of things what they have done right, as well as things that they’ve overlooked. We can give you a comprehensive report highlighting how we can improve your website when compared to the competitors in your business.

Analyzing On-Page Content

Better content ranks better. This is fact. When it comes to doing better than your competitors you need to make sure that your content is better than theirs and we can deliver on this promise. The right amount of keyword density along with inclusion of money keywords and unique content can help you rank much better than your competitors.

Social Media Planning

We run a thorough analysis of their social media strategy to check what your competitors are doing and then try to improve upon it. At the end, BOOSTABILITY can come up with a solid social media strategy that can give your SEO campaign the boost in social media reputation it needs.