The Multitude of Benefits Of Chatbots In Digital Marketing

The term ‘Chatbot’ has been a hot topic in the digital marketing world for quite some time now. Digital marketing involves multiple step-by-step procedures that have to be done meticulously. What if a single feature does all these? Chatbots are almost capable of doing all sorts of tasks involved in digital marketing right from spotting leads, qualifying them, and turning them into your customer.

The Multitude of Benefits Of Chatbots In Digital Marketing

All you have to do is let chatbots take care of your business and binge-watch your favorite Netflix series. This may be what I will say if you ask me to come up with an article on chatbots after three or five years. Since chatbots are in their development stage, researches are underway to equip the potential of chatbots further. Here, I bring out some of the tasks performed by the chatbots.

Stay Updated Through Chatbots

B2C business has become more online today. People have restrained themselves from heading out to outlets to purchase even essentials and are making them online. Chatbots helps people to stay updated on their order status in real-time. Let us assume that you have placed an order for your dinner and the delivery is getting delayed. Chatbots will reach you out and let you know the reason behind it, such as the delivery is getting due to rainfall or the delivery personnel have stuck in traffic. If you want to make any modifications to your placed order, the chatbots will instantly pass the information to the corresponding outlet. According to a recent study, chatbots are capable of sorting nearly 85% of basic customer queries. Boostability is a leading technology firm that is creating effective chatbot tools for B2C companies.

Let me give you another example. If you land at any e-commerce website, you will be baffled by the various sections available in it. The chatbots will help you in directly reaching the section you are looking for. For instance, the chatbots will greet you with the message, ‘Welcome! May I know what you are looking for?’. Subsequently, it will take you to your desired section, such as apparel, footwear, and suggest products based on your interests. Thus, you can choose the product of your choice. Chatbots are playing a massive role in delivering a better customer experience.

Finds Quality Leads

Billions of people are on the internet on different platforms for various purposes. Instagram alone is home to nearly 1 billion monthly active users. Due to the presence of an enormous number of people, digital marketing analysts are bewildered in finding their prospects. Hence, a considerable number of leads are left unattended who could turn into customers. Chatbots have the potential to process a massive chunk of data and spots the leads that could turn. They take very little time to do this, along with high accuracy. They collect all the available online data about a prospect effortlessly. Chatbots carries out various measures to find where a prospect stands in the sales funnel. It will look into the purchasing patterns, online and social media activities. Chatbots make more accurate predictions than humans, and the prospects it chooses will most probably turn into your customers. If you are still dubious about its benefits, approach Boostability which has helped many companies to generate leads through Chatbots.

Comprehensive Shopping Experience

Chatbots have the potential to provide you a complete shopping experience. Domino’s Pizza has incorporated its chatbot into Facebook messenger. The chatbot will come up with relevant suggestions based on your purchases. It will also showcase the bestsellers and the new arrivals. It will drop you messages like, ‘This is the most sold Pizza in recent times. Please have a look at it.’ If you are not willing to go with it, the chatbot will come with new suggestions stating, ‘I hope this will enthrall your taste buds.’ The notable factor in chatbots is that they converse more like humans. They do the job of a sales executive. Since social selling is increasing at a quick pace, using chatbots, you could maximize your conversion rates.

Works Best For Personalization

Personalization marketing is becoming more crucial than ever before. People want their products to be crafted as per choice. Marketing experts have stated that companies that are open to personalization will be only able to survive in the coming years. You should have a better understanding of a prospect for personalization marketing. Chatbots drive all the available data about a prospect, which will help you to find his anticipations. Hence, you can craft a personalized message based on the interests of your prospects. For instance, the chatbot will look into your competitors’ websites, social media pages. People more openly express their opinions on social media pages. Thus, chatbots spot the unsatisfied customers in your competitors’ social media pages and let you know. It will give insights into crafting personalized advertisements for a prospect. Thus, chatbots will aid you largely in personalization marketing.

Wrapping Up

The advantages of chatbots are increasing consistently. Due to their efficiency in performing tasks at a fast pace coupled with higher accuracy than humans, they have gained an unavoidable position in digital marketing.

Author: Lekha

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