Top 5 Social Media Apps To Promote And Sell Your Art

You have to promote your art to be able to sell them. But you might be wondering how to promote or even where to promote. Next, you must choose which platform will be your home base to promote your art pieces. Deciding this with an abundance of applications floating around you might be overwhelming. Here you can learn about the top 5 choices for promoting and selling your art.

Top 5 Social Media Apps To Promote And Sell Your Art

Let’s dive right into it.

Firstly, let’s see how you need to build your social media profile to gain massive engagement. As an artist, creator or brand, here are a few steps that you will have to follow to optimize your profile and boost your exposure online.


With over 2 billion active users worldwide, it gives you a suitable space for marketing. You can easily penetrate the global markets and sell your art to someone in Africa. That’s the number of possibilities available for you using Instagram. Here you can post photos or even videos of your artwork. Then, including your website or shop link in your bio will direct your customers to purchase from you.

With various features like Instagram stories, Instagram reels, and Instagram posts, it gives you a suitable space for promoting art. This platform has made promoting art easy and practical at the same time. You can also use hashtags and trending songs in your reels for increasing visibility. Show the process of making to attract the audience to your art.

How To Use Instagram Effectively?

  • Use good choices of hashtags to increase visibility.
  • Post a variety of content like reels, gifs, and your art in stories.
  • Be consistent and post only once a day.
  • Share behind the scenes in your IG stories or through reels.
  • Post content on peak activity time to reach more people.


Create a Facebook business page if you want to start publishing your art there. Facebook creates an excellent platform for reaching broader audiences too. You can run ads for promoting your art through Facebook. With the introduction of videos and stories on Facebook, use them for promotions.

Keep your content variety broad while using Facebook. You should not post contents that are similar continuously. Instead, you can post a mix of photos, videos, or even articles to keep your audience engaged. In addition, you can join groups and art communities on Facebook. Groups and communities on Facebook are active, and you can make friends from the art community there.

How To Use Facebook Effectively?

  • Create a Facebook business page for your artwork.
  • Use the Facebook ads to promote your arts to wider audiences.
  • Join the art groups on Facebook.
  • Participate in art group discussions and post there to create awareness.
  • Share a mix of photo and video content for your art page on Facebook.
  • Post about 3-5 times daily for people to interact with the art.
  • Observe the peak time and try posting on those schedules of time.


Pinterest serves as a go-to place for artists, designers, and stylists. Professional artists, as well as amateur art collectors, use Pinterest. You can create inspiration and mood boards by collecting art from different artists. Pinterest makes this easy by letting you create a board with a custom topic, where you can pin your favorites. You can also organize your boards and ideas for aesthetic looks.

Pinterest allows artists to create boards with their arts, videos, and articles. In addition, you can repurpose your reel videos by pinning them on Pinterest boards. With Pinterest slowly increasing its interest in videos, it’s the right time to start uploading videos. On Pinterest, you can find all kinds of audiences and sellers from the art community.

How To Use Pinterest Effectively?

  • Add shop links to your profile, directing interested customers to your shop.
  • Use only high-quality images for uploading.
  • Make the best use of keywords in the description to reach your target.
  • Create organized boards for easy navigation of your audience.
  • Add videos and article links to increase the activity on your website.
  • You can save or post everyday limitlessly.
  • There is no best time on Pinterest; if you want to inspire or feel inspired, start scrolling.


Behance is used as a professional online portfolio by several artists. You can use it to showcase your best art projects while applying for works. Behance also gives opportunities to connect with fellow artists and collaborate with them. The Behance job feature lets artists find jobs too.

If you want to sell your art or promote your art, it’s a good place. You can get inspired by professional artists and their portfolios. Learning from the people already working can help you improve your artwork. You can also upload digital mock-ups and your 3D modeling if interested. You can upload high-quality images of your work and find original paintings too.

How To Use Behance Effectively?

  • Upload full-length projects with good-quality images.
  • Collab with fellow artists on small projects.
  • Publishing your work in a professional space for a professional audience.
  • Build your online portfolio and presence.
  • Upload a variety of contents.
  • Use keywords to reach the right audience.
  • Keep your Behance updated at all times.


YouTube is where you can make short and long videos for your audience. to become an art YouTuber, you must find your niche and create original content. Then, you can talk to them while sculpting, painting, or drawing. You needn’t be in front of a camera for being an art YouTuber, but it’s good if you decide otherwise. YouTube has endless possibilities to promote and sell your art.

Usually, as a YouTuber, you influence your audience with your art. These can be done by sharing your techniques that are easy to follow. When your teaching method works for your audience, they return to your channel. Your art can earn credibility and establish your merchandise with the help of YouTube. You can also try sculpting or doll making as your niche for YouTube.

How To Use YouTube Effectively?

  • Don’t keep your videos silent; talk or incorporate music.
  • Upload at least one video a week.
  • Share your art-making process.
  • Make easy-to-follow art tutorials for your audience.
  • Use a short and catchy title for your video.

What Are The Benefits Of Promoting Art On Social Media?

Nowadays, social media is skyrocketing its popularity at a rapid pace. Starting from influencers, popular brands, and creators to marketers, everyone is using social media to reach their target market. Here, let’s check out the perks of promoting your art on social media.

Reach Global Audience

Social media platforms have plenty of users from around the world. You can promote your art to global markets by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Grow Your Art Style

By simply publishing your work, you can gain feedback from many people. These help you improve and grow your art style and techniques.

Gain Exposure

Post consistently with trending hashtags and some music to gain free exposure via social media. But, make sure to use in an effective way.

Be An Inspiration

Social media brings all the artists around the world together. You can find artists and art styles that inspire you quickly now.

Stay Connected

Like in ancient times, art doesn’t take years to develop. You can share BTS videos of your brand. Staying connected with the audience is more accessible with social media.

Keep Up With The Trend

You can keep up with new trends and make content related to them. These trends help you conquer social media if you create quality content.

Final Thoughts

You can start now that you know the social media platforms for best art practices and the benefits. Getting started with social media for promoting and selling art might be the hardest part. However, it will be effective once you start, and you’ll know what works best for you. Make art, engage with your audience and sell them effectively.

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